pure imagination wine

Following the launch of Pure Imagination Charity in 2010 Pure Imagination founders, Mark and Layla Gunn, also announced the release of Pure Imagination wine.

This exclusive wine is hand-selected and created by Melting Pot Restaurant owner and Sommelier, Mark Gunn. The first vintage created of Pure Imagination wine – a 2007 Cabernet – sold out within months of it’s release. The 2009 vintage of Pure Imagination Cabernet made a brief but impressive appearance – also selling out soon after it’s release.

Recent releases of Pure Imagination wine include the highly-coveted 2011 and 2012 vintages of Pure Imagination Cabernet and the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc. Pure Imagination wine is sold exclusively in all four Atlanta Melting Pot Restaurant locations, with the proceeds benefitting Pure Imagination charity.

For more information, or to purchase Pure Imagination wine, contact Pure Imagination.

Pure Imagination Cabernet Wine

Imagination is everything. It is the key to life’s coming attractions.