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Piper is 9 years old and wanted to become involved with Pure Imagination charity to bring an experience to a child in need. "I want to do something to brighten their day." Piper and her family are active in her community and in their church - and are committed to giving back. Piper enjoys helping other people and has participated in events to feed the homeless as well as many other charitable events. Piper, raised money for Pure Imagination by being a "mother's helper". Because of her fundraising efforts, Pure Imagination Charity matched Piper with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta patient, Natalie for a "fin-tastic" adventure.

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Son of the Founders of Pure Imagination, Lathan is 8 years old and an honorary board member. He is a kind, outgoing, silly boy that enjoys meeting children and helping to host Pure Imagination events.

When he was just 5 years old, Lathan hosted a "Meet Santa Silent Auction and Fundraiser" to raise money for Pure Imagination to take a patient from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on an exclusive adventure to see "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at the Fox Theatre.

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For his 8th birthday, Lathan decided that rather than have a party, that the money be donated to Pure Imagination. Because of his generous and thoughtful contribution he was able to bring this “Home Run” experience to Ty and his family to lift their spirits and so that Ty could reconnect with his passion – baseball.

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Julia is 10 years old and her favorite toy is her stuffed monkey. She loves to swim, fish, and spend time with her family and friends. Her favorite color is purple, and she wants to be an actress when she grows up because she "likes to read and is good at telling stories".

Who is your favorite superhero? - My daddy.

Which toy would you give to a friend? Why?     - I would give my pink stuffed cat because I would want them to be happy and the cat is really cute.

Julia hosted a "Gift Wrapping Fundraiser" for Pure Imagination to take a former patient of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium to swim with the whale sharks! 

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McKenna is 6 years old and wants to be “A veterinarian, a mommy and a mermaid” when she grows up. When she was asked what she thought she could do to help other children or make them feel better, she said "I would draw them a picture of us and if they fall down I will help them up and give them one of my Hello Kitty band-aids".

McKenna recently hosted a “Paint for the Children” fundraiser for Pure Imagination to take two girl’s from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on a “Wicked” Adventure.

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Robert Daniel is 13 years old. He enjoys football, fishing and hunting. He has a naturally nurturing spirit towards children of all ages. He wanted to enroll in the Pure Imagination program to help someone – but more importantly to form a friendship through his experience with Pure Imagination.

Because of Robert Daniel’s fundraising efforts, he was matched with Hunter, a patient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where both boys enjoyed an exclusive experience with the Gwinnett Gladiators.

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Karyn is 15 years old who excels academically and loves to sing. “Performing and singing are truly two things that give me joy. It makes me so happy when I start to sing and others join in.” She is also a nurturing big sister to her two little brothers. Her kind and generous spirit prompted her involvement with Pure Imagination. “I liked the idea that I could have an impact on someone else’s life, someone I have never met and the charity has an amazing mission.”

Karyn is working with her school chorus to execute various fundraisers throughout the year, such as “Caroling for a Cure” to raise money and awareness for Pure Imagination. Because of her efforts, she was able to take Gabee from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on a Pure Imagination adventure where they both received the “Superstar” treatment.

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Mary is 10 years old. She is active in her church and community – as a Brownie and by regularly volunteering with her family at soup kitchens. Her interest in becoming involved with Pure Imagination was ignited after watching her older sister’s experience with Pure Imagination. Mary decided to execute a fundraiser selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee during an Easter Egg Hunt event at Lilburn Park.

Mary’s fundraising efforts afforded her the opportunity to take Katelyn, a patient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, on a “High-Flying” Pure Imagination adventure.

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Mia is 7 years old, full of life, and enjoys ballet.

Mia’s generous spirit sparked her interest to enroll in the Pure Imagination program. Mia chose to sell holiday themed chocolate lollipops and Nutcracker ornaments to raise money for Pure Imagination.

Because of her efforts, she was able to take Kristen, a patient from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, to a Pure Imagination adventure at The Fox Theatre to see The Nutcracker.

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Julia and Mary!

These two very Generous Children have been named as:

2014 Pure Imagination Ambassadors

Both Julia and Mary were named as Ambassadors for their hard work and commitment. Both have enrolled in, raised money for, and participated in Pure Imagination Charity adventures.

They met Children's Healthcare of Atlanta patient, Katelyn, in the spring when Mary raised money for an adventure and took Katelyn on a hot air balloon ride. Since that time the three girls have formed an amazing friendship. Mary and Julia spend time with Kateyln - even visiting her at the hospital. We surprised all three girls with a day of shopping and pampering before they were whisked away to the Selena Gomez concert!  

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