Serena's Story

A life of physical hardship helped 11 year old Serena Ramlingum earn her attitude and her refusal to give up. Born with Spina Bifida she wasn't supposed to walk. She does. Serena sounds like a much older soul, maybe because she has grown up having to fight everyday. That fight has intensified. Her kidneys started to fail. Her father, who found nightshift work on a paintline, takes her the 50 miles from Henry County to Children's Healthcare in Atlanta three times a week for dialysis. In June Serena underwent a kidney transplant. Click Here for more information about Serena. Pure Imagination was able to provide Serene “ruby red slippers” (which she wore to school everyday for a week!) to click her heels and say “There’s no place like home!” Click Here to see Serena’s exclusive Pure Imagination adventure