Gabee's Story

When Gabee was two years old, a high fever brought her into a New York hospital. She was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and a mild AV Block. This heart condition was closely monitored, but after moving to Georgia, a new pediatric cardiologist discovered that Gabee, a competitive dancer, had a complete AV Block and no signs of mitral valve prolapse. This condition required immediate medical care.

In June 2006, the 11-year-old underwent the first of three surgeries at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Gabee had a pacemaker implanted in her chest to maintain a regular heart beat. She continues to receive monthly check-ups and will need a surgery soon to replace the pacemaker’s battery. In the meantime, she stays active – seemingly unaffected by the condition. Sixteen-year-old Gabee dances competitively and serves as her show choir’s assistant director to the teacher. Thanks to the generosity of a charitable child, Karyn, who helped raise money for the Pure Imagination program through her school choir – Gabee, was able to experience an exclusive “Superstar” adventure!

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